Proposed masterplan courtesy of Johnny Ruiz via twitter July 11, 2022

This UM Stadium is a PROPOSED project on Tropical Park by Mr. Ruiz. Nothing has been formally presented to the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners. If this project advances, it will go to a Miami-Dade County-wide referendum vote for residents to approve or DENY!

Proposal Highlights:

  • 60,000 seat capacity UM football stadium
  • 16,000 planned underground parking spots
  • Retractable roof
  • Designed by HKS Architects (designed SoFi Stadium in LA)
  • Planned improved recreation facilities (baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis) for community and public school use, as well as after school programs
  • No current plans to purchase Tropical Park, intend to lease the land (similar to the Miami Freedom Park on Melreese for InterMiami)
  • Two hotels planned within the property (Source: Twitter John H Ruiz 9/12/2022)
  • UM Campus on premises expanding the existing schools (Source: Community Papers Interview Sept 2, 2022 John H Ruiz)
  • New branch of Jackson Health onsite (Source: Community Papers Interview Sept 2, 2022 John H Ruiz)
  • Significant loss of green space and the entire north lake (other lakes also appear smaller though not to scale yet)
  • No known plan for Environmentally Endangered Land (EEL) Pine Rockland, which is a globally CRITICALLY imperiled habitat
  • Wildlife studies have not been completed regarding possible habitat
  • NOT SHOWN on masterplan (being eliminated?)
    • Ronald Reagan Equestrian Center
    • Newly built (2021) Westchester Community Arts Center
    • Mary Abreu Community Center

HKS Architects Stadium renderings posted via twitter Aug 26, 2022