Who is “Save Tropical Park”:

Save Tropical Park Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) tax-exempt non-profit group of grassroots neighbors and residents advocating for the preservation and protection of our PUBLIC park.

What does John H. Ruiz want to build:

Mr. Ruiz has indicated on twitter that he wants to build a 60-65K seat stadium for the University of Miami football team, as well as other commercial buildings (2 hotels, medical facility etc). He has referred to his vision as being similar to the ESPN Wide World of Sports. He has indicated the improved recreation facilities would be available for use by local schools. As he releases further details, we will continue to update our Stadium page.

Is this stadium project approved:

This is an unsolicited proposed project. Nothing has been submitted to Miami-Dade County yet, therefore no vote has occurred. However, Mr. John H. Ruiz has done several media interviews and has released preliminary renderings of what the stadium and park layout would look like on twitter.

Is this the City of Miami or Miami-Dade County:

Tropical Park is located in Unincorporated Dade, otherwise known as Miami-Dade County. It is NOT located in the City of Miami. All decisions affecting this park are governed by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners and Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.

Who decides what happens to Tropical Park:

Tropical Park is a Miami-Dade County owned public park. Any commercial use violates Article 7 in the County Charter. A County-wide referendum vote would be required to change the use for this project. To have a referendum item approved, there are two processes. 1. A vote by the Board of County Commissioners agreeing to put it on a referendum ballot 2. Obtain enough signatures from registered voters to force the referendum vote. Given the strong opposition from Mayor Cava and County Commissioners, we expect Mr. Ruiz will try to obtain enough registered voter petitions to force a referendum vote. If the referendum vote were to pass, the project would still need to comply with all County requirements with respect to long term impacts (traffic, water/sewer, drainage, police/fire, environmental etc.) and would require a Board of County Commission vote to approve the project/lease.

Does Mr. Ruiz want to buy Tropical Park?

Mr. Ruiz has indicated he would likely lease the property from Miami-Dade County, similar to how the Freedom Park project on Melreese was arranged.

Who would pay for the stadium?

Mr. Ruiz has indicated the stadium would be built with private (not public) funds. He has not yet disclosed the investors in this project, or specific budget but has referred to it as a multi-billion dollar development.

Has UM asked for this project?

The University of Miami has not confirmed their involvement in this proposal publicly. They have a current lease with Hard Rock Stadium running through 2033.